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Jasmine Greer

Dallas, Texas

I tried thinking of a few words to express the impact that this amazing woman has had in my life, but this is impossible,. I can honestly write a short story about this beautifully blessed woman. Some people are placed in your life as stepping stones, but not Lady Pammela. She's much more than just a woman who just so happen to come into my life. She was called, chosen, planted here just for me, directly from God. Each time she is in my presence,  any negativity that I'm feeling  on me is removed within moments. She has a spirit of pure honey, sweet and potent. This woman of God has endured many spiritual, mental, and physical surgeries and she has become a Dr and surgeon for me. She has a gift of healing and restoring.  From the years that I've known her, not once have I seen, heard, or witnessed a negative spirit or essence while around or even through a simple conversation over the telephone. She's a walking talking praying angel and I am so grateful that God has placed her here. She is truly a blessing to any and everyone who encounters her presence. 

LaToya Muhummad

Dallas, Texas

Lady Pammela has inspired me in so many ways. I love how she leads by example! She doesn't just uplift people by the positive things she says but she also  shares her story and  testimony that lets you know because she did it, you can too. She has been through  the fire and still came out glowing and praising God. I admire her. She put her ills aside just so she could still be there for others. I love and adore this woman of God!

Kiara T.

Palestine, Texas

Lady Pammela was the firs person in my life that saw me for me. She inspired me to live my life through all the road blocks and wrong turns. I mean, she was always there helping me in the right direction. I feel like I wouldn't be living the life I am now if she wasn't in it. There is so much more I could share with you about Lady Pammela but even then that would never be enough to explain the love she gave to me. I am so grateful she came and stayed in my life!

Sheron Thomas

FortWorth, Texas

Lady Pammela has been a great role model to me. She is one of the best and  most genuine and generous persons you will ever have the privilege and pleasure of meeting in your lifetime.  She is a place I always can find comfort. She  inspires and motivates me to keep moving forward. She has been doing this thing God's way for decades! I'm a witness to that! 

Carol Jackson

Palestine, Texas

One of the hardest things for me was forgiving myself. Lady Pammela helped me with that. Not because we are bff, that’s the kind of heart she has. She taught me how to pray about every situation and to leave it in Gods hand and reassured me he would work it out. When I couldn't figure things out., God lead me to her. We would talk about it and then we would pray about it. I would always feel at peace.Thank you Lady Pammela for always being you and being there. I love you!!!

Joseph C.

Jackson, TN

Being young without a father figure and a chaotic childhood, going everywhere  all the time, Lady Pammela MADE ME FEEL VERY SPECIAL AND LOVED. I will always be grateful to her for her kindness.  She would always take us to her home to stay  during long summers. We would be outside working on fun projects, being creative  and drinking  lots of water. Those 8 cups daily (Lol!) This taught us ALOT about keeping our temples clean. Lady Pammela inspired me so much growing up.  She made me believe that I can be whatever I want to be and I will love her forever for that.


Sarah C

Jackson, TN

Lady Pammela taught me how to truly be myself and stay strong in the midst of adversity. As a teenager it gets hard sometimes, but she never let me give up.. She showed me how to pursue my dreams and keep being positive.  She taught me how to love my insecurities , myself and  I will always be grateful to her for that! 

J J Barron

Nacagdoches, Texas

When I saw all the heavy weight that Lady Pammela has carried on her shoulders and still never gave up, that inspires me. I admire how she never gave up and how her faith in God got stronger. She followed God's plan and he made an incredible leader out of her. She brings positivity to everyone she speaks to. It doesn't matter if I am having a bad day or just needing a laugh, her positive outlook on things  always makes it better. She is an awesome speaker and  Kindness Lifestyle Coach.

Trevor A.

Dallas, Texas

 I Love you Lady Pammela!!! When I saw and heard your testimony on how you were supposed to be bed ridden and wouldn't be able to walk again, that really changed me. You really inspired me to keep walking forward regardless if they are BIG STEPS or small steps and to keep moving forward. I've learned through your inspiration, to overcome my weakness of doubt. I am an actor and I see people like your son my Lil Bro Derrick do his thang on the big screen,and that's where I want to be and that's what is about to happen for me!! Your STRENGTH and FAITH is what got me going and I thank you and will always love you for that!

Angie Davis

Cedar Hill, Texas

When I think of Lady Pammela I think of her as " my beloved friend Pammela". I have known her for many years now, and she is so inspiring. Because  of the anointing/power of God Lady P/Pammela walks in, she has often been able to speak an accurate and  prophetic word from God in my life and  situation many times. Every conversation she and I have had in the past and present years has always been a "iron sharpening iron" conversation, delighting in who God is to us and dissecting His Word as we’re getting revelation from the Holy Spirit.  I love you for that Lady Pammela!  I Love you as my sister, my friend and the woman of God you are! 

Deborah C.

Houston, Texas

 Lady Pammela, I have  seen you push through pain and hurt and still keep going. It is so inspiring! Thank you so much for always helping me sort out my thoughts and a lot of times my life. I appreciate you for how you ate always being there for me. Thank you!

Curry Allen

Dallas ,Texas

 Lady Pammela's  act of kindness made a huge difference in my life. I remember when I was going through a difficult transition in my life when one day after church Lady Pammela blessed me with a stress release football! The thought behind the gift that she gave me meant so much during a stressful time in my life. I still squeeze it today.  She has become My Mom!

R. Fields

Dallas, Texas

Talking and watching Lady Pammela as she recovered from her illness was a big inspiration. After having several setbacks in my own life, I know that by prayer, trusting in God, and using the determination that He has given us, we can recover from anything. Thank you Lady Pammela! 

Tiffany Tatum

Dallas, Texas

 Lady Pammela, I have always loved your spirit! Amazing!!! Merry Christmas, as you used to tell us in school!

Lee S.

Dallas, Texas

Lady Pammela, if I had to describe you I would tell the world that you are "genuinely kind" with no conditions. Always inspiring  others to see positivity and light  even when it seems the darkest. Even through all of your pain  and hurts, it didn't break you and you still remained the kindest person you'll ever want to know. I see why you are good at what you do as a Kindness Lifestyle Coach. Your story is phenomenal!

Norma Ballad


Lady Pammela,  you are one of the strongest people I know. You amaze me in so many ways by your faith and strength. You have made me believe there is nothing too big that you can not overcome. In everything that comes your way you always find the rainbow in the shadows. In the midst of the storm you pull through knowing that everything will be alright.You are a true blessing to know! When I think of you,  I think of love and kindness and I am honored that you are my friend.

Keva Scott

Atlanta, GA


Bridget W.

FortWorth, Texas

 When I see Lady Pammela, I see a walking and living miracle. There have been so many times I felt like giving up, and when I read her posts and saw pictures of what she went through and to see her now. It gave me hope, strength, and a surge of power. Her passion, integrity, loving and generous heart has been quite a testament for me since I first met her 16 years ago. A powerful Woman of God! Thank you for being an inspiration for me and giving me the will to hang on in there.

Isaiah Drone

Dallas, Texas

Lady Pammela is a name you can trust. She is a confidant, listener and friend.  I have witnessed her fight for her health, family, ministry, and her artistry. She resembles power, strength, and virtue. 

Derrick Le'

Irving, Texas

Lady Pammela is a REAL person that helps with REAL problems  and help you get REAL solutions in a REAL frame of time. You need her in your life. She is a phenomenal Speaker and Kindness Lifestyle Coach.  It will transform your life just knowing her.

Stella Bagley

Como, Texas

 Simply beautiful. What a story! God bless you!

Saidara Eribo


Lady Pammela,   You have inspired me during times you probably had no idea that you were doing so. You stayed pleasant when you faced adversity while you battled Guillain Barre. This taught me that I can overcome anything by keeping my faith in God. I love how you listen and not judge. Thank you for your love and for always having a kind word

Iva Pace

Clarksville, TN

Lady Pammela is so inspiring! She motivates you to do better and to be better. Although life has thrown her some curve balls, she focused on the positive and helping others with that same positivity. She used her obstacles as a stepping stone and not a stumbling block! What an inspiring story! I am in awe everytime I hear her speak! 

Donna Griffin

FortWorth, Texas

 The most amazing thing that I love about Lady Pammela is that she never gives up or gives in. 

Akiba Sterling

Palestine, Texas

 Wow.. I love your story... Thank you for sharing it!!!

Frankie Mae

Tyler, Texas

What I love the most about Lady Pammela is there were many times when I knew she was privately going through something  difficult yet still she took out time to offer me some encouraging words, a hug and even wrote me an uplifting poem.  She is so inspiring! Thank you Lady Pammela!

Milam Smith

Arlington, Texas

Love you my friend! You didn't give in and God allowed you to live to tell your story! Your strength is amazing and your faith is strong!  Thank you for the blessing God allowed you to show us.

Sybil Jackson

Dallas, Texas

 I thank God for you and your story Lady Pammela!  It truly inspires me! 

S. Clewis

Dallas, Texas

When Lady Pammela shared her inspiring story of what happened to her as a kid, I was amazed. There are so many women who went through the same trauma she went through and  weren't able to fight back and not allow it to defeat them. Many have not been as blessed to move on and live productive lives. Some have become street girls, turned to drugs, alcohol or even mentally institutionalized.  Lady Pammela amazed me! I've watched this world and people beat up on her and I have watched her fight for her health and life  yet she always have somehow finds a way to come shining through with her STRENGTH and FAITH in God. I have witnessed people who have hurt her and yet still she finds kindness in every moment. She looks for kindness no matter what! It is so  inspiring  to know her! 

Lindsey Davis

Palestine, Texas

Thank you for sharing your story!Wow! So inspiring!

Tony K Ight

Dallas, Texas

 You motivate me with your story!  Keep looking up!

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